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Are you trying a Gluten-Free diet for your child or as a family?

There’s no doubt that a Gluten-Free diet can help some people feel better, particularly if they are on the Autism spectrum or have sensitivities to gluten. So, where to begin?

If you’re already Gluten-Free, you know that it can put a big dent in your budget. When I went GF for about a year just to experiment, my wallet wasn’t too happy about it.

While a GF lifestyle is not cheap, there are definitely some hacks to keep costs reasonable.

Another important consideration when being Gluten-Free is getting enough calories. Your family might lose a bit of tummy when you first start a GF diet because wheat often contributes to a bloated belly. You’ll need to be careful to avoid even a temporary weight loss when initiating a GF diet. It’s definitely important to replace the bread in your family’s diet with other high-calorie options so you can stay healthy!

Here are my tips to help the family stay in-budget and get enough calories on a GF diet.

Buy in-season produce to cut costs

Your family might start eating much more fresh produce now that bread is no longer an option (calories, calories!). Produce can be kinda expensive, but if you focus your sights on local, in-season produce, you can save a lot of money. Check out this map to see what’s in season where you live at any moment.

In-season produce not only comes cheaper, it tastes fresher and you’ll be supporting your community farmers by buying local! 

Rice, Rice, Baby

Buy rice in those giant bags. You know – the ones you could use in your crossfit routine? It might sound kinda silly, but Amazon is a fantastic place to get rice!

Rice can hang out in your pantry indefinitely, and it’s also wallet-friendly. Too much of anything is bad news of course, but once your child stops eating bread, they’ll need to get carbs somehow. Rice is a nice staple to have on hand at all times because it’s tasty, cheap, and versatile.

GF Bread – Buy in bulk & freeze it!

GF bread is crazy expensive and a lot of brands are pretty iffy in the Taste department. Here’s a list of some of the 6 best GF sandwich breads. The best thing to do is stock up when they’re on sale and pop them in the freezer. They’ll keep for way longer in there and it’s easy to just stick slices in the toaster for a minute.

My favorite GF baked good? Udi’s GF Cinnamon Rolls

With enough cinnamon and sugar glaze, I’m sure next to anything could be transformed into an edible food item. These rolls are pretty tasty, but they are super expensive (like $8 for a 4-pack!), but I think they’re one of the best GF pastries out there!

And if you ever have some extra time….(Hey, you never know!)

Handmade GF bread is quite a treat. Plus, baking your own bread is very cost effective in the long-run, and it’s kinda fun!

I suggest stocking up on a variety of different flour types: almond, coconut, tapioca. This way, if you find yourself really itching to bake something, you have the basic ingredients on hand and you’ll be prepared. There are tons of recipes for gluten-free bread on Pinterest, just waiting to be created.


Happy shopping and baking and snacking!

What’s your favorite go-to GF snack?

I’m personally all for hummus and carrots. Or those Udi’s cinnamon rolls.