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I’m always looking for new, easy sensory tools I can make myself. Gotta keep it fresh and switch things up for my daughter now and then. This is a list of 5 super easy sensory tools that I found (and pinned to our Pinterest board!). Plus, these are things she can help me make, which turns some of this DIY thing into a fine motor activity- I’m sneaky like that 😉

glowing sensory bottle

1. Glowing Sensory Bottle
This looks like a great one to make for bedtime. Despite the relief that a weighted blanket provides, sometimes it’s tough to ease the mind at bedtime. Gotta get the room nice and dark, then count the stars in the bottle. Like counting sheep!


bead balloon

2. Bead Balloon has an awesome step-by-step guide to creating your water bead balloons. This provides so much squishy fidgety fun! I suppose it’s a bonus that all that squeezing doubles as a hand strengthening activity! Those little water balls are actually really versatile. You can get them on amazon and put them in a big bowl, let a kiddo play with them in shaving cream, or even in sensory bags…


sensory bags

3. Sensory Bags
Sensory bags are actually one of the best things to make when you need kids to sit still for a little bit- maybe long enough to throw together dinner! says all you need is stuff you can get at the dollar store like thick plastic storage bags, duct tape, hair gel, glitter, and whatever you wanna put inside (small beads, foam pieces, stickers, etc).



4. Oil and Water Bottles

Well, this one seems like a no-brainer to me! Makes me think of a lava lamp and I know I sed to be able to stare at those for a long time 🙂 says fill the bottle with 1/2 baby oil, 1/2 water and some liquid watercolor, which you can get at any art supply store. That’s it! Talk about easy!




5. DIY Stress Ball

It never occured to me to make my own stress balls! But, makes it look so easy! 1 balloon, water bottle, flour (or sand), paper cup. That’s it. That’s IT! I’ve bought stress balls for, like, $5! This is so easy. They also sugget a permanent marker to make faces, or even let your kids draw on the ball to personalize it. Easy and fun- a great combo!



Leave me a comment here to let me know if you try any of these, or if you have other ideas to share. I’m always on the hunt!