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Memorial Day weekend is a time to stop and appreciate our troops for bravely protecting our freedom. It’s also a time to actively appreciate that freedom with our families by spending quality time together – freedom that would not be possible without America’s soldiers, past and present.

Here’s a snack-sized mix of activities to do as a family this weekend – both to honor our troops and to create cherished memories. 


1. Pick flowers to press into thank you cards

Have some old phone books laying around? Go to the park together to pick some pretty flowers. When you get back home, use those phone books (yes, they’re still good for something!) to press the flowers into thick cardstock to create beautiful and thoughtful cards.

2. Put together a care package for the troops

Complete with a pressed flower thank you card, of course!

3. Create Oobleck and add blue food coloring

If you haven’t made Oobleck before, you’ve got to try it out. It’s the most fun substance ever. It melts in your hand like a liquid, but when you apply any force, it hardens up into a rock. Then, if you let it be again, it’ll start “melting” once more.


4. Check out the stars

Take some time to slow down and enjoy the stars.

Print out a starmap to locate constellations, or download an app to show you exactly what you are looking at in the night sky (on iPhone or Andriod).

5. Sprinklers: Engage!

Pull out your swimsuit and join in on the fun!

If you don’t happen to have a sprinkler, you can make one out of a 2 Liter bottle.


6. Plant a garden together or visit a community garden

Nothing beats fresh veggies (if your kids likes veggies, of course. If they don’t, check out these tips to introduce new foods).

Create a fun veggie snack garden together that includes staples like tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers. You could also throw in some herbs and spices for good measure.

Even better, individuals with Autism may find comfort in the calm rituals of gardening: watering, tending plants, fertilizing, and harvesting. 

7. Finish the weekend off with a special (and potentially silly) meal

What’s everyone’s favorite food? Make a smorgasbord meal, complete with everyone’s favorites. No matter if the meal ends up being waffles (gluten free?), mashed potatoes, homemade ice cream, pizza (dairy free!), and burritos – that’s what makes it fun! The possibilities are endless.

Or – if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could combine two unlikely foods. Whip up some really tasty dessert tacos.


Because who can say “no” to dessert tacos? 

What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Are you doing anything fun with your family that you would add to this list?


Images credited to flickr.