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We hope you’re enjoying spring so far. It is spring, isn’t it? Hard to tell in our neck of the woods, but hopefully all this rain will make for some beautiful May flowers! While we’re waiting for some sunshine, we have some great updates to share with you.

1. Look Ma, Front Page!

#Michipreneur Magazine featured us today with an excellent write-up about what we’re working to achieve here at Birdhouse, and even gave us a shout-out on the front page of their website. Take a gander and please help us spread the word! Click here to read the article.

2. Birdhouse is now more secure.

Birdhouse has always been safe. But because we are responsible for such sensitive information, we’ve upgraded our SSL configuration. No changes need to be made on your end. Just letting you know so you can sleep better at night.

3. Welcoming new team members!

We’re a small, nimble team, and we accept help wherever we can get it. Due to the nature of our mission, we’re extremely fortunate to have attracted the eyes of some very talented developers. By generously contributing to our code base in their spare time, we’re all able to make a better Birdhouse for you. A big thank you to DJ and Marty!

4. Mama Bird’s Helpful Hint:

Use the Activity Bar to isolate certain activities. By selecting “Nutrition” you can see a snapshot of any medications, supplements, probiotics, or vitamins your child has taken, or missed, over the last 7 days. Or by selecting “Sleep” or “Poop”, you can see how your child’s sleep or bowel movement patterns are trending week to week in order to identify changes or irregularities.

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