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The start of April marks the beginning of Autism Awareness Month and today is World Autism Awareness Day! Here at Birdhouse, we see it as a time to come together as a community to promote acceptance and recognize the strength of families. It is an exciting month and there are thousands of events to participate in all over the country.

Here are some neat things to do this month, no matter where you live.

Put together a family picnic! Include a selection of everyone’s favorite foods (these allergen-free Snickerdoodle cookies look tasty) and enjoy the springtime.

Attend an event: There are so many Autism walks and runs going on this month. Invite family and friends to join you at a local event to raise awareness! A simple Google search should turn up some fun stuff in your area.

If you find yourself really in the spirit, why not plan and host an event? Put together a Sensory Friendly Movie Night and invite the neighborhood to come along to a movie at one of these theaters (or you could host one at your home!

Tweet, pin, facebook, instagram or all-of-the-above your support for Autism support and acceptance. Use the hashtag #autismawareness, or #WAAD for World Autism Awareness Day, and be sure to tag us so we can give you a star, like, heart, or just a good old fashioned e-hug!

How will your family be recognizing World Autism Awareness Day and Autism Awareness Month? Let us know in the comments!