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Gather those school supplies, pack those lunches, and stuff those backpacks. It’s that time of year again…. back to school!

Transitioning from summer break and heading back to school can be confusing and overwhelming for a lot of kids. We’ve found many resources and posts around the web addressing this very issue. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Friendship Circle Blog: 5 Tips For Easing Your Child’s Transition Back to School **I wrote this one!

The Really Big List of back to School Tips for kids with ASD (35 ideas from a parent ranging from get haircuts early to map out the school)

Back to School for Children With Autism (tips from a school psychologist)

Preparing Children With Autism for Back to School (my favorite on this list is pack your child’s lunch leading up to the first day of school so he will be used to unpacking it and throwing away trash when he’s done!)

Remember, you can use Birdhouse to see how the amount of sleep your child gets each night affects her mood the next day. Some kiddos need more and some need less. Let Birdhouse help you find that just-right amount of time!

Wishing everyone a smooooooth back to school transition!