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We’re so excited to finally provide a way to track food on Birdhouse. We did it with ease in mind– simply choose Food from the Activity options, input your child’s meal, and you’re done! Birdhouse will even learn what kinds of food your child is eating and make suggestions as you type. Like we said, SIMPLE.

Other food tracking apps are focused on calories and weight loss

Food tracking was a very popular request. For so many of us, typical food logging apps and websites don’t quite offer what we need. Most provide some sort of calorie counting, and nearly all are centered around losing weight– but losing weight is, for most of us, not a concern we have regarding our children!

Birdhouse focuses on the what, when, and the result

As you and we all know, food often plays an extremely important role in determining how our kids feel, think, behave, sleep, perform in school, respond to requests, you name it. For some of us, food simply rules our lives, and we experiment with gluten free diets, casein free diets, different textures, different tastes, and so on. We’ve even spoken with parents who see a night-and-day difference in their child’s behavior if he eats anything with Red 40 in it.

Log food and monitor its effects

What’s helpful about a food logging application is not simply being able to log food. It’s being able to see it in context. So she ate a piece of gluten-y birthday cake at a friend’s party over the weekend– now what? Well, now you can compare her mood after to her mood before, or look at how it may have affected her bowel movement cycle, or perhaps see how it’s influenced her average sleep duration. Context is what makes food tracking so valuable, and it’s where Birdhouse shines. Birdhouse will even remember the foods your child eats, so the task of adding meals gets quicker and easier the more you do it.