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One of the really special things we love about the process of creating Birdhouse is getting to connect with parents of kids on the Autism spectrum. Whether that takes place in person, over coffee, or through the telephone lines, the conversations we have are extremely valuable to us in informing the scope of this project.

Many of those with whom we speak are a part of our local community here in Metropolitan Detroit, but as word about Birdhouse spreads we are increasingly becoming acquainted with truly great people from all over Michigan, US, and beyond.

Hearing from parents everywhere about their personal experiences raising children on the spectrum allows us to think broadly in terms of how Birdhouse can help the most people in the most ways.

Listening to where the pain points, bottlenecks, frustrations, lack of control, and feelings of being overwhelmed stem from, we can better inform the design and functionality of a tool we will all be able to use to alleviate these problems and let us progress forward with much less friction.

That’s the ultimate goal; to find answers to our problems and use those answers to grow stronger in our lives and make our children stronger in the process.

We’d love to hear from you and have a conversation. Coffee, telephone, skype, your preference!