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This weekend we pushed a couple big updates to our iPhone and Android apps.

We’re always doing our best to make Birdhouse easier to use, more intuitive, and especially more convenient, so you can get in and out and back to your day with as little hassle as possible. Who’s got time for hassle?

The biggest update was delivered to our Birdhouse Premium Android app, which now supports the full Activity timeline. Scroll, search, manage recurring Nutrition and Therapy activities, filter and compare, edit or delete items, and view notes on the fly. Birdhouse Premium comes with loads of great features.

Two other huge updates were made on both iPhone and Android: Food Tracking and Suggestions.

Here’s how each one works.



Just enter what was eaten, set the time/date, add any notes you want and… presto! Use it to look back and see what someone ate before or after something happened; good or bad, or to track when food incidents occur, like gluten infractions or something else you might be trying to keep your eye on (artificial flavoring, casein, etc?)


We’ve also added what we call “Suggestions”. Suggestions pop up as you enter new Food and Other activities, so you can post those faster and more consistently.


For example, if you’re implementing a Sensory Diet for your child, you would post the Sensory Diet activities as Other and precede each sensory diet activity with “SD”. With Suggestions, a list of your Sensory Diet activities will pop up as soon as you type SD, which will help keep it consistent. Additionally, you could either include a note with how it worked, or add before and after moods (which would allow you to then, at the end of the week, compare Mood to Other to see which activities produced the best results).

There are some other minor improvements here and there that you may or may not notice, but trust us, they’re in there. We worked hard on them!

Hope you enjoy, and that these updates make Birdhouse easier to use and more helpful for your family. How’s it going for you?

Download the latest Birdhouse iPhone app

Download the latest Birdhouse Android app