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Last year around Halloween, we talked about what a weird concept trick-or-treating is. I still think it’s a tough one for our kids to really understand.

Someone recently asked me what I’d want to tell my neighbors about my child as we gear up for Halloween and trick-or-treating. I’ve taken my daughter out each year on Halloween. Some years we made it to only one or two houses, another year we were out for an hour!

I truly never know what to expect, so it’s hard to think of how to “warn” my neighbors, but there are three things that do come to mind…

1) She’s not being a brat by avoiding eye contact.

2) She’s not acting entitled by holding out her candy bag without saying “trick or treat” and “thank you”.

3) To bear with her; it’s confusing to go to strangers’ homes and get candy. But, since that’s what happening here, I should also add that they shouldn’t be surprised if she comes back the following week- after all, she just learned that if you ring that doorbell, you get rewarded with candy!

What would you add to the list?