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Welcome to the Birdblog, the official weblog of Birdhouse for Autism! In light of the fact that World Autism Awareness Day happens to be TODAY, we thought it’d be a great time to dive, beak first, into the World Wide Flappernets.

Raising a child with autism is a daily struggle. Between the therapies, supplements, diets, behaviors and moods tracking, regulatory issues and a plethora of other variables to consider in ensuring our kids are given the greatest opportunity to develop healthily and succeed, even the most organized and diligent of parents can and often are driven to exhaustion.

We’re working hard to help. What causes certain behaviors? What’s behind the irregular sleep cycles? Gastrointestinal issues? Seemingly inexplicable reactions to perhaps undetectable stimuli? What’s working? What isn’t working? We’re creating a tool we hope will help parents everywhere shine a light on the answers to those questions.

We’re attempting to deconstruct Autism Spectrum Disorder. To take it apart, piece by (puzzle)piece. Get inside its wild and wacky mind and learn what makes it tick.  We at Birdhouse are excited to share notes, chirps, and chatter along the way, straight from the HQ. We hope you’ll join us and participate in our journey.

Autism, 2.0. This is only the beginning.