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We posted this question on the Birdhouse for Autism Facebook page and here’s how you answered:

Jen from Special Ev said “Camp, picnics, iPads, daytrips to the Farmer’s Market, canoeing, beach. Did I mention the iPad?!”

Jaycee from Running Through Water: “Structure! Structure! Structure! We get our local parent paper and highlight daily outings and activities for the week so we aren’t left wondering what to do with our day.”

DC’s mom from Take Another Step says “When he was younger, we always had camp. Now that he is out of school and in a work program, we use his vacation time so that he can still attend a bit during the summer.”

Melody: Lots of crafts and games.

Kelley: Visual schedules, long walks & drives by the sea.

Bianca: Holiday clubs, planned days out, and play dates.

Jacqueline: Structure and routine with visual timetables everywhere. Lots of outside time!


Leave a comment sharing with us how YOU survive summer without as much structure as the school year provides.