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Clarification: 1 BRAND new feature, and 2 formerly Premium features being made available to all Birdhouse users.

Smart Email Reminders

Smart email reminders launch today for Birdhouse Premium members. It’s the very first step in a very long list of improvements we’re making to help parents stay more committed and consistent in their behavioral tracking on Birdhouse.

With Reminders, you can tell Birdhouse which activity types you want to be reminded to log, how often you want to be reminded, and even what you want the subject to say (word it so you want to open it!) and when you receive the email, just reply to Birdhouse to log it. Voila!

Look for Reminders in the top right of your web dashboard. Available activity types to choose from are Sleep, Mood, Poop, Food, and Other for the time being. Nutrition (meds) and Therapy items are a bit more complex from a coding perspective, but we hope to be able to offer those soon as well.

Once you’re on the page, you can begin building as many Reminders as you want. The builder form will look like this:


Food tracking for everyone

When Food tracking first launched last year, Birdhouse Premium users were given first crack at it. Since then, over 10,000 food activities have been added to Birdhouse by parents trying new diets with their kids, evaluating the effects of dietary infractions, tracking appetites– so many different goals.

By making it available to everyone, we’re thrilled to be helping even more families.



Multifilters for all

The filter bar has always been an interesting feature.

A common problem when parents first began using Birdhouse was, ironically, the more they used Birdhouse, the more difficult it became to achieve the goals that Birdhouse was supposed to help them achieve. This was due to information overload.

When you’re tracking various activity types– what time your child woke up, went to bed, took what meds, received what therapy, when he pooped, and so on, it was all logged and organized in his activity feed, but what if you only wanted to see his sleep behavior over the past week? Or what if you wanted to see if any meds had been missed lately? It was tedious to look through all the data.

Filters allow you isolate activity types so you can see them without the distraction of everything else you’re tracking.

Multifilters give you the ability to not only isolate, but compare, so you can see two or more activity types alongside one another. For example, isolate Mood and Sleep to see if you can begin to identify whether his bedtime affects his behavior the next day. Or isolate Meltdown and Nutrition to see whether a missed dose of a particular med is more likely to lead to a meltdown that afternoon.


We hope these 3 features help you in your journey and equip you with the tools you need to succeed. We absolutely LOVE hearing from you and learning how you use Birdhouse & what you’ve been able to accomplish, so if you have a success story you’d like to share, tell us!

And as always, if you have ideas for how we can improve on these features, or anything else in Birdhouse, just give us a shout. We listen 🙂