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It’s those little moments in life that mean the most to me. In relation to my brother, who happens to have Autism, it’s the moments where he surprises me with a hug. Those hugs are like treasure to me because I know it’s not always comfortable for him, so it means a lot when it happens.

I’ll be completely honest; they rock my world. 

I know all kids do cute things, but I was just recently thinking about this thing my brother did as a young child which he calls “Sugar Kisses” and need to share: 

When he was younger, he really preferred to keep to himself (and he still does at 19). Imagine a boy (since I don’t have any actual pictures of my brother to share!) who normally opts out of social situations, rubbing a powdered sugar donut ALL OVER his lips until they’re coated in white powder so thick it’s basically lipstick, and asking his mom for a “Sugar Kiss.”

I can’t help but smile while writing about this. 

The happy feeling I would always get in my chest when he’d ask my mom for Sugar Kisses as a child is what I think of when I think of my brother. Not really the Sugar Kisses themselves, but that special feeling where my heart swells and then completely melts. He may not ask for Sugar Kisses anymore (heck, he’s an adult now!), but when he asks for a hug (or lets me hug him), or tells me he loves me or missed me, it still rocks my world. Those moments mean so much and I’m so grateful for them.

I would love to hear about the special moments you’ve shared with your child (or sibling!). 

What’s your child’s (or sibling’s) form of a Sugar Kiss? What’s a little something they do or say that completely makes your day?