We Lit It Up Blue at Birdhouse!

Me (Ben), Dani, and the Little Bird

Every year our very own Mama Bird (we also call her Dani) publishes photos on her personal blog of friends, family, acquaintances, pets (yep, pets!), and fellow parents who’ve chosen to wear blue in support of Autism awareness and, more importantly, acceptance.

April is Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month, and on April 2nd each year Autism Speaks kicks off their Light It Up Blue campaign, so Dani has collected dozens of photos throughout the years of people she knows (and some she doesn’t), all over the world, who’ve chosen to be awesome and stand with us in support of Autism awareness/acceptance.

Head on over to Dani’s blog and take a look. If you’re interested, you can also look back at her Light It Up Blue posts from 2012, 2011, and 2010 as well. And feel free to light it up blue the entire month of April!

From the Birdhouse team to your family– Happy Autism Awareness Month!



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