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It was less than 2 weeks ago that we released Birdhouse 2.0 for the web. We worked full time, around the clock, and many, many months of planning and strategizing, to get that out to you as the best way to address many of your requests now and soon to come. And now it’s out there! Incredible!

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the 2 weeks since then;

Released version 2.0 of our web software to bring you even more organization for managing sleep, poop, behaviors, etc. Then we fixed some bugs, made some tweaks, and planned for the coming updates.

  • Releasing 2.0 was a very big deal, with triple checking everything, updating settings, converting the old system to the new system, checking again, and finally updating and restarting the system to give you the new goods
  • Along with that came a whole new homepage for new interested users 
  • We fixed a conflict between times of stuff recorded on mobile vs web 2.0 
  • We fixed another bug where today’s date rolled over to the next day prematurely (some people were finding that tomorrow started at 9pm tonight 😉 Not anymore
  • Cleaned up some duplicate recurring records issues between new system and old system
  • Fixed the reset password system, which was having some troubles 
  • Released the new signup emails people get, and then fixed a problem with who was getting those emails after signup (sorry about all of those extra emails, those of you who got them)
  • Set it up so people who sign up for Premium get upgraded immediately and automatically once they pay, instead of it being a manual process with a delay like it was before
  • Fixed, tested and released time zone support for a new, upcoming Reports featuremake plans for reports public release
  • Finally, we re-situated ourselves, cleared our plate, and then looked at what things needing tackling next and made a plan to set off on this bold, new Birdhouse frontier 

Finalize plans to officially start work on iOS 2.3a – tracking meds and supplements from your iPhone

  • We reviewed with Ryan the details of the proposed work and scope for 2.3a to figure out what is realistic and talk thru plan of action
  • Then we formally approved the start of that awesome plan. Now we are just organizing the details and getting set up for work to begin
  • Talked to some of our users about a plan to, with their help, be able to make our releases more frequent

Released Android 2.3a (medication and supplement schedule organization) to some test users and made next step plans

  • We released the a rough first version of android 2.3a to testers to see if/how things were working and what pieces we forgot about
  • Made plans to evaluate that feedback and make the necessary changes so we could get it ready for a public release
  • More work was done on other pieces of the update that hadn’t been completed yet for this round of test release

Closed out the long-time wish list item of more recurring options, so tracking and routines and finding triggers is even more effective

  • Now that the new recurring options were release in 2.0, we packed up the remaining items, marked them off the list, and cleaned up behind us as we closed the door on that big project

Made a couple mobile infrastructure updates to support future mobile endeavors coming with the 2.3a updates

  • We changed the order of dosage unit options in the API so it shows up correctly in the new mobile updates
  • Also, we created and deployed a new API for common Nutrition Types
  • With those changes, we updated our internal Nutrition Activities API doc

Finally, we did a bunch of systems maintenance and operational stuff, which there was more of than usual with the close out of 2.0

  • We cleaned up our CDN
  • Checked up on how things are working for people using Birdhouse to collaborate with their team members, to make sure things were going well
  • Peeked in to confirm that all of your data is getting recorded cleanly, the way you’d want
  • Checked up on mobile app crashes and performance and downloads and reviews, keeping the app ecosystem running smoothly
  • Did a weekly usage review
  • Added funds to accounts supporting our various services
  • Cleaned up our git branches
  • Checked to see if people are clicking the free upgrade link on the dashboard

Yay! That’s what we’ve been up to the past couple weeks. Let us know what you think. We always love hearing from you.

– Adam