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Oh hello again! We worked hard this past week to make the Birdhouse app better for you. Here’s what we did over the past 10 days or so.
Bringing our unique schedule organization and management to your pocket
  • This week we wrote full documentation for the Nutrition Activities API so we know exactly how each piece of these features will work, consistently, everywhere you want to use it.
  • We also created some additional API capability for some of these features that we dont have yet, like sending dosage units to mobile.
  • How do you want to organize your childs schedule or medications and supplements from your phone? If you have an opinion, we’d love to hear it.

Prepping details to begin work on more individualized scheduling options

  • We worked with Joel to a) get him everything he needed to help us build the new scheduling options, b) set up the schedule for all of the pieces that need doing and and c) figure out when it will be finished (fingers crossed 😉
  • We know you guys have a lot going on, with different appointments and schedules on different days; we are excited to help make that easier to manage.

More things, big and small, for Birdhouse 2.0

  • Tracking unique triggers and specific circumstances and important factors is so different for everyone. A lot of little details go into making each piece be able to help make sense of as many of those things as possible. Below are some of the things weve done recently to make that work for the new design coming soon.
  • Made the activity type, when editing an activity, stays the way it should be and you cant mess it up, accidentally
  • Fixed the way you can add/remove multiple diagnosis when signing up or from a child’s profile page
  • Updated the system so that if you have looked back at previous weeks, and then you want to edit or add something, it keeps you on that page after
  • Added the loading indicator to when you search again
  • Worked with the Reports team to review and decide how to update the style to match 2.0, and then adjusted those elements
  • Arranged the ability to set your time zone and then have everything always show up properly, no matter what part of the world you are in
  • Updated the email address on the error pages so we get them quicker and can respond faster
  • For some reason there were 2 footers showing up on the search results page, but not anymore 😉
  • Corrected the syntax of links in the footer so they work properly
  • Added the pages that will be used for the process to reset your password in the new system, added buttons so you can access them, updated the page contents so everything works properly, and all of the other details needed for this stuff
  • Reviewed the overall schedule and tasks for finishing this project and releasing it to you to make sure things continue to proceed as efficiently as possible

  • App reporting for crashes and errors told us that there are smooth waters in Birdhouse this week
  • Checked to see how our clean data verification is working out; beautifully, it turns out
  • Are you lovely people able to find your way to Birdhouse Premium if you wanted?
  • Organizing our thoughts on how this week when in the department of developing things and told you about that 😉
Yay! That’s what we’ve been up to the past week. Let us know what you think. We always love hearing from you.