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We worked hard this past couple weeks to make the Birdhouse app better for you. Here’s what we did over the past 10 days or so.

Developing Android 2.3a – how nutrition info is all going to work on your phone

  • Arranged a meeting with Dan to review build 1 notes and discuss remaining build plans
    – Wrote API documentation for Nutrition
  • Sent Dan param format and syntax for Nutrition info, including for schedule
  • 6:30am – Meet with Dan to review build 1 notes and discuss remaining build plans
  • Checked in on how the latest build is working for testers
  • Paid some bills to keep things moving along

Fixed some bugs and added some new niceties, which will make it even more effective and manageable to track details about your child’s life for the purpose learning more about them

  • Added an ‘export therapists’ button to therapists page
  • Sleep time calculations were off, so I had to find the source of that and figure out how to correct it
  • Updated the footer copyright to start at 2012
  • Removed an old account_nav partial anymore that wasn’t being used
  • Updated the Birdhouse Premium dashboard upgrade link to the proper google shortlink
  • 5pm – met Joel @ GRBC to discuss how to keep making improvements faster 
  • Meltdowns that were posted from mobile were all saving as 00:00 duration, but not anymore 🙂
  • 1:30pm – had a call with Chartio to discuss new services
  • Added a message for when search returns empty
  • Birthdates were changing by one day each time a profile is updated, so we fixed that right up
  • Fixed the problem where email addresses must be capital or lowercase, depending on how you signed up, and that wasn’t really important
  • Made a bunch tweaks from feedback on the upcoming Graphing/Reports feature to prep for finishing impending release
  • Also handled case sensitivity of email on password reset
  • Fixed an error on the child admin edit page
  • Got team approval for Kevin to optimize mobile experience
  • Gave Kevin approval and instructions to start mobile optimization

Worked on some new software quality and integrity goodies and upgraded some more security features

  • Set up new notification and handling for any errors and/or custom problems that may arise and we want to control
  • Handled administrative tasks to get all these new things in place and working
  • Tested processes and reviewed statuses 

Kicking off work on iPhone 2.3a – on-the-go medication management code work begins

  • Signed the official scope of work for 2.3a and got this project started
  • Checked to see if Ryan started work on this? When is the first build delivery?  

Reviewed how people are using Birdhouse, how systems are running, how is our engagement doing out there in the world

  • Prepared a couple weekly usership reports
  • Disabled a cron task that cleans data, because that data no longer needs cleaning 🙂
  • Are people clicking the links in their premium welcome emails?
  • Addressed cancelled premium plans, trying to learn more about their experiences
  • Followed up on a user reporting weird am/pm bug in android
  • Checked new downloads/installs/opens in the past week
  • Any iphone crashes this week?
  • Any android crashes this week?
  • Any amazon crashes this week?
  • Are people clicking the upgrade link on the lite dashboard?
  • Wrote up an ‘In the woodshop right now’ overall review for our team
  • Emailed more active iphone users about doing regular reviews for the app so we can update it more frequently
  • Summarized, moved remaining times to iPhone 2.3 project, and finally, officially, closed out iPhone 2.2.3 project, now that we’ve got some good reviews in the store again and things are all running smoothly
  • Checked in on how our collaborating users are collaborating with each other
  • What is our lagging signup->user conversion, and how does it compare to last time?
  • Looked into a new bug
  • Notified people who asked that the photo uploader is working again 

Yay! That’s what we’ve been up to the past week or so. Let us know what you think. We always love hearing from you.