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We worked hard these past couple weeks to make the Birdhouse app better for you. Here’s what we’ve accomplished.


Miscellaneous feature tweaks and improvements for the web

  • Fixed some of the commonly used buttons that you couldn’t select, for some reason, when recording your Food journal or other notes
  • Now removing any trailing whitespace on email addresses when you signup, login, reset password, or anywhere else there is email entered
  • Fixed some capitalization errors on the Reports page (Premium feature) so that graphing how many days in a row something happened looks even more beautiful and rewarding
  • Added a link in your Interactive Email Reminders so you can go to Birdhouse if you want, quickly & efficiently
  • Fix a long description format issue from the Interactive emails
  • Needed to accommodate for whitespace and special characters when assigning people their unique mailboxes
  • Removing any weird slashes from date that is caused by email formatting
  • Avoiding the string uncapitalize error on sessions so it shows in the real place
  • Add some internal support for encouraging returning users
  • Cleaned up the experience of adding a new activity from a search results page


Working on the last details for iPhone and Android 2.3 before testing, and then releasing

  • Had lunch with Dan to discuss details of the remaining details that need polishing
  • Investigating the different/extra considerations on the Therapist screens vs the Nutrition screens so we can be prepared to take that on next
  • Provided feedback to Ryan to work on next build of the iPhone
  • Fix a setting on the server-side when updating a Nutrition item from mobile to prevent duplicates in your Activity feed
  • Follow up with Dan about next steps
  • Pay bills to keep the lights on, as they say
  • Work with Ryan to fix API details
  • What’s next to get 2.3 released? Always just a little bit more (but we gotta get it just right, and we are getting there)


Spent time investing in our infrastructure

  • Had a call with Matthew to make sure things are continuing to go happily for everyone
  • Met with Adam to talk future features and how best to get them built, from his perspective
  • Modify and send Adam an agreement for helping us achieve those goals
  • If he agreed > set him up on Github to get app set up
  • Make list of some new project options to start in on
  • Did some more planning around data storage, server operation and management, legal, etc


Building a setup so you can really personalize what and how you track, and make it super rewarding

  • Did more work on how the custom activity types will really function and feel natural to setup and use
  • Followed up with Kevin about how the icons will work for this
  • How can we get those icons setup on our end, and discuss with Ben about this plan


Overall Maintenance and Evaluation

  • How many new downloads/installs/opens did we have in the past week
  • Wrote the last blog post for you, and did all of the processing to get it out to you 😉
  • Are mobile signups able to get the app? Better than ever, they are!
  • How are the upgrade links working so people can learn about Birdhouse Premium
  • How many people are clicking the blog post footer image/link to go to our homepage and learn about the app
  • Were there any Amazon crashes this week?
  • Android?
  • How about iPhone crashes?
  • Put together an overall update for the whole team on development plans and progress
  • Are people using the reports page? How are they liking it?


That’s the scoop. Let us know what you think. We always love hearing from you.

– Adam