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Thank you for all the great feedback! We’re listening, and have made improvements to Birdhouse to make it easier to use.

1. Removed browser authentication.

When we first made Birdhouse available a few months ago, we required that you enter a username and password to get to the login page. This helped us control the rate at which early users signed up so we could provide the best customer service possible. Unfortunately, it didn’t always work as intended and sometimes users got locked out, so we’re happy to tell you that we’ve removed it! (We’ll still provide outstanding customer service though)

2. Reminder emails.

Birdhouse works best when you use it often to keep a record of your child’s daily activities. Many users have told us that getting a regular reminder works wonders in keeping them on track. It’s super easy to sign up, and you can always unsubscribe.

3. Mama Bird’s Helpful Hint:

Keeping a record of Nutrition items such as medications, supplements, vitamins, and priobiotics your child has taken, or is currently taking, is important, but did you know that you can assign start and end dates to those items? Just click the box labeled “Recurring” in the edit menu of an item in your Nutrition page, and enter the relevant dates.


If those dates are current or into the future, that item will appear automatically on your Calendar for you to mark “Complete” as they are given.


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