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Replace Your ABC Paper Chart With Smart Tracking and Insights

By popular demand from teachers and therapists we just released Birdhouse ABC Behavior Tracking! Not only will this app save you many hours tracking behavioral observations, ABC Charts and interactive frequency reports get updated automatically as your set of observations grows. Start your 14 days free trial today. No credit card required.

Individual ABC Tracking Profiles

Set each child’s profile up so that you can quickly select the options that are relevant for the behavior you are interested in. Fast, one-click entry of events.

ABC Behavior Tracking Chart

The ABC Chart gets generated in real-time. Filter and search, export the data in a spreadsheet format for sharing and custom analysis.

ABC Behavior Frequency Reports

This interactive graph gives you precise insights into how places, antecedents, behaviors, and consequences are related.

We hope to see you soon,
Your Birdhouse Team