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A teacher’s time is valuable, and nobody should have to spend their day drowning in data collection.  We surveyed dozens of special educators, and designed a new, improved student documentation app to help teachers take control of their time and classroom and better organize student notes.

Birdhouse for Special Education Teachers can be used on web-based and mobile apps, replacing paper data sheets, bulky binders, and handwritten notes.  All student data, reports, and team communication stay in one easy to access, password-protected place.

Here are just some of the ways Birdhouse is helping teachers and their students succeed:

Streamline Notetaking


Organize IEP data, document skill practice, meet and modify goals, export data, run reports, and more!.

Set Goals and Reminders


Save time, reduce stress, and stay productive with effective goal setting and alert features

Understand students


Create custom profiles and goals for each of your students, discover behavior patterns, share student ‘Quick Intro’ summaries to communicate their unique backgrounds and needs.

Unify teams

chat_360All content recorded in the Birdhouse app can be securely shared with parents and team members.  Create clear communication logs and work together towards success.

… and so much more.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that Birdhouse meets the unique demands of special education teachers.  Do you have feedback, thoughts, or questions? Comment here or write us:    

We look forward to serving you!

-The Birdhouse Team


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