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Earlier this week, we posted a news article Why Schools are Adding Standing Desks to the Classroom on the Birdhouse for Autism Facebook page. Educators are finding children showing increased attention in both special education and general education settings. One commenter wrote: “My daughter gets to stand up in her classroom and her scores have sky rocketed. It is the best thing we ever did.” With an endorsement like that, I decided to reach out and ask if she could share just a little bit more with us. So, here’s JaMilia’s story…

How a Simple Change in the

My daughter Elyanah is 6 and has high functioning autism. Last year, we went through kindergarten with write up after write up, and calls to my job about how she couldn’t sit still. Yet, her work was great when they finally got her to do the work. This year I addressed it with in the first 8 weeks.

Because we switched schools, we had to go through the whole process again, hoping someone would listen to my advice on how to help my child and others like her. Mrs. Morgan (her therapy teacher at school) said “Elyanah does great if I let her use a chewie“. So we started with that. A step in the right direction.

Then, I was called to the school because she just wouldn’t sit still. I asked a few other moms what worked for their kids and they suggested I said ask if she could stand in class. At first, I laughed but I’m willing to try anything to help my daughter. The school agreed to try! Now Elyanah is paying attention and every day gets marks of 85% interaction when it used to be 45% or less. Her grades have gone up and we have only been using this for 3 weeks!

This can be a positive way to help many kids sit still and concentrate- not just children with autism. Elyanah used to be told she would have to wait until recess to move around because she didn’t sit still. That is like telling a bomb not to go off when it gets to a short fuse! I am so glad her school listened to me, doing what was best for my child and what is actually working!

JaMilia wanted to share her story in hopes of hearing from other parents about accommodations that work for their children in and out of the classroom. Please share with us all in the comments section!

JaMilia Spivey is a single mom working as a full time dental tech (AKA “The Tooth Fairy Workshop”) raising an amazing and energetic 6 year old (going on teen) daughter on the Autism Spectrum. Together, they’re trying to get through their colorful life the best they can while raising awareness about Autism in girls.