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A parent running behind while holding on to the back of the bike. A caregiver just as nervous to let go as the kid who’s pedaling. That wobbly feeling. The wind blowing wisps of hair around. And then finally… you’ve got yourself a rider.

For most families, teaching a child to ride a bike is a rite of passage. But for so many special children, it’s actually a lot harder to learn to ride a bike. So many kids with special needs struggle with low muscle tone and have a tough time getting their bodies to move the way they want them to. The motor planning, the muscle tone, the sensory processing: all too tough. Riding a bike is a huge milestone and a feeling of great independence and accomplishment for kids and young adults alike. The good news is that there are great, adaptive bikes out there for those who might otherwise struggle. The bad news is that they’re often very difficult to get ($$$).

The Great Bike Giveaway: Special Bikes for Special Kids will give adaptive bikes to kids and young adults who need them most!

Who: Friendship Circle 

What: Giveaway of 5 different kinds of Special Bikes for Special Kids!!

When: Submissions will be from April 15th – May 12th

YOU submit by choosing a bike. Once a submission is approved, you’ll get 50 friends and family to nominate you for entry (also April 15 – May 12th)

Winners will be chosen on May 13th!

Where: Visit the Great Bike Giveaway site

Why: Because every kid deserves to feel the wind in his or her hair and the freedom of riding a bike.

and the most important question…

HOW: It’s all there on the website. Choose a bike, submit, get friends to nominate you. Winners are chosen via a drawing. As well, there will be five Director’s Choice winners!

For more information, visit the Great Bike Giveaway site and pedal away!