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Birdhouse Is Growing Up

When we started this project in 2012, we began by running surveys and talking with other families about how they track their child’s progress over time. The results of those conversations informed the design and development of what we referred to as our prototype, basically the website and iPhone app you’re using at the moment.

With the prototype, we were able to learn what you liked and didn’t like, what was helpful and what wasn’t, and by talking with many of you about your experience using it, learned what we really needed to prioritize as we built out the platform. We’re still learning, and we lovehearing from you!

So now we’re taking the next steps. We’re transitioning from a team focused on simply the operation of a web tool to one focused on building and growing the company to support its continued operation; the beginning of a startup’s puberty(!) that will see us through all sorts of adventures. We’re really excited about this, and we hope you are too. 

Birdhouse Premium

We’ve been spending a good chunk of our summer preparing to launch Birdhouse’s premium feature set. The best part? We’re giving YOU the chance to decide how much you want to pay for it! Here’s a sneak peek of what this will include:

  • Isolate & Compare Multiple Activities. In the grey variable selection bar on your child’s activity feed, choose as many different activity types in whichever combination you want, so you can compare them against one another and see patterns and correlations.
  • Greater iPhone Functionality. In addition to posting activities, manage your child’s (or children’s) entire activity feed(s) from the app– browse, search, mark recurring items complete, and enjoy more access all around.
  • Sleep Durations. Birdhouse will display the number of hours between your child’s “Fell asleep” and “Woke up” activities.
  • Premium User Support. Phone support and super fast turnaround time on every support request.
  • Priority Feature Requests & Access. Have a direct hand in shaping how Birdhouse evolves. As a premium member, your feature requests are given higher priority and you’ll get to first crack at the latest updates.
Please click here to let us know if you’re interested. (This does not serve as an obligation to sign up and there is no payment due at this time)


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Mama Bird’s Life Tip

If you’re traveling somewhere new this summer, remember how difficult it can be for our kids to be out of routine or in unfamiliar surroundings. Bring along photos and familiar items like stuffed animals, favorite books, or DVDs from home. A comfortable kiddo means a smoother ride!

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