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New Home of Birdhouse Health
Dear Birdhouse families, teachers, and collaborators!
Sean and I feel like we owe you a long overdue Hello from Vermont, our home. The old and new Birdhouse team share the commitment to make Birdhouse the best collaborative platform for people with special needs. With that in mind, over the last months we focused on improvements to Birdhouse that help you to with getting started and show the value of using Birdhouse. Here are the first changes we released today:
Easier team building
You can now invite team members with fewer hurdles. We removed a step that required collaborators to set up a child when accepting an invite.
No accidental duplication of students when inviting collaborators
We heard from users who would find a child duplicated in their account. This could happen when the invitation to a collaborator was opened on the same computer. Birdhouse just got a little smarter and prevents duplications now.
Sharing set-up notes with your team in the field
Many of our users create notes for their team describing each item they set up in Folders. Folders are the place where you can store a general description about a therapist, nutrition, or education goal. We had a bug with our mobile apps that would not display these general notes. You can now share this information easily with your team from computer to mobile and vice versa.
Pleasant note taking
The Daybook is the place for creating daily data entries and daily notes. The web app makes now better use of the available screen space when you take or review notes. Long notes in the Daybook look a bit nicer now and are easier to review.
Effective support
When you contact us via email or live chat we’ll be able to support you a little faster, see potential issues more clearly, and help you set up your environment more effectively. These are changes visible only on the support team’s end, but look forward to productive sessions with the Birdhouse Support Team. And, we are now able to jump onto a web meeting with you any time so you can show us exactly what is happening on your end and let us help you in the moment.
More updates that will facilitate team building and real-time collaboration are in the works. Give Birdhouse another try today, and keep coming back for more changes!
To a wonderful 2018,
Uwe and Sean