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Summer’s still in full swing, and it can be tricky to think of activities to keep the kids busy.

It’s no fun to drag ourselves to the store to find activities, but fortunately, that’s totally unnecessary! Stuff we have around the house is perfect for impromptu yet totally awesome activities, so we can always be ready for the dreaded, “I’m bored!”.

While there are tons of activities to make with household items, my favorite item is the classic 2 Liter bottle. Most of us more than likely have at least one we can dig out of the receptacle. If we don’t, our neighbors will probably be more than happy to donate one…or their whole stash.

So, let the fun begin!

Here’s a checklist of free & (mostly!) no-mess activities with things you probably have around the house already, all starting with that holy grail of a 2 Liter bottle. I suggest printing the list, cutting each activity out, and putting these in a hat to pull out whenever your kid needs something sensory & fun to do.

Things to do with a 2 Liter Bottle:

This is the best thing ever. Poke holes in a 2 Liter bottle and tape it to a hose. Made in minutes; a fun distraction for hours.

Just like when we were kids! Tape 2 bottles together at the opening with tape (with water inside) and swirl to create a mini tornado/whirlpool.

If you have an abundant supply of bottles, you can set them up in a triangle and host a bowling activity.

Ah, classic. This’ll only work if you have an unopened bottle though! Plop Mentos into the bottle of soda and see what happens. 😉

Also requires a stash of bottles. Set them up in any formation you like and toss rings to catch them on the bottles. Maybe a little prize is in order for the winner?

A fun little science experiment. Cut a bottle in half, add water, and place the top half upside-down into the bottom half. The water will evaporate, condense, and create “rain”!

Simple to do if you have some soil & some seeds! This is neat because as the plants grow, you can see their roots forming. Playing in the dirt is fun, too!

A little bit crazier than a regular garden, and just for tomatoes! 

This is pretty easy! Just need bird seed, a bottle, and some sticks!

This is a dream come true! Dirt + worms = fun!

Just use food dye, oil, water, and alka seltzer tablets to make a visually interesting lamp.

I think this one speaks for itself. 

There you have it! Endless fun can be found right at home with something as simple as a plastic bottle.

What are some creative ways you’ve used empty bottles for family fun?