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Our kids rarely fit into one single box. So why should we make you choose one single diagnosis? We all seem to have our own way of doing things, which is why Birdhouse can be so helpful to so many different people– you can use it in whatever way best suits your family.

It’s important for us to give you the ability to most accurately represent your child, and as we try to help our collective community piece together a better picture of how parents are really approaching Autism, we wanted to do this in a smarter way.

Recently we made an improvement to how new parents register for Birdhouse, allowing them to provide more than one diagnosis for their child or children. Some parents add additional diagnoses like Precocious Puberty and Anxiety, while others are taking the liberty of including more personalized descriptors. If you already have a Birdhouse account you can do this too. Just click “Edit Profile” on your child’s picture card and fill in more details.

Does your child fit into one single diagnosis, or do you find yourself trying to address several different diagnoses simultaneously? We’d love to hear your input– let us know in the comments.