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When we designed Birdhouse, we did so with the lives of parents like us in mind. We know how crunched for time and patience us parents can be, so when we thought about the type and amount of behavioral data parents would be entering, we included some features to make this process more convenient.

One of those ways is to assign a recurring schedule to a Nutrition or Therapist item. Does your child take a medication or supplement on a daily basis, or receive therapy on a consistent schedule? If so, using the “Recurring” feature will tell Birdhouse to automatically add each of these instances to your child’s Calendar. Instead of entering every single time you give your child his meds, all you’ll have to do is mark that Calendar item “Complete”.

Let’s take a look at adding a new therapy with a recurring schedule. Here’s how it works:

1) Navigate to the Therapists page in the top pink bar of your Birdhouse and click the green “Add a therapist” button.


2) Select the therapy type from the dropdown and enter relevant information.

3. Click the box next to “Recurring”. Choose how often and at what time your child receives this therapy, and be sure to add a Start Date, not only so Birdhouse knows when to begin displaying the therapy on your child’s Calendar, but for your records as well. It’s OK to leave the End Date blank if you aren’t sure how long he’ll be receiving the therapy for.


4. We recommend using the Note box for initial goals, progress, and other types of information that may be helpful for you to remember.

5. Click the Save this Therapist button.

That’s it! Now, each day when you check in on your Birdhouse, each instance of that therapy will appear highlighted in yellow on every day you scheduled it to occur, and all you have to do is hover your cursor over it and click the toggle to change it from “Incomplete” to “Complete”.